Greetings! My name is Brian and I’m ready to fight on behalf of Connecticut residents and Americans nationwide in protecting our civil liberties and bringing common sense back to Government.

I represent the silent majority of Americans who are tired of bought-off politicians destroying Connecticut and the country by not representing the people properly and giving into special interests.

As a Connecticut resident (the “Constitution State”), I became concerned when Connecticut politicians started undermining the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

I will vote against any legislature that threatens our Constitution, including violating the 2nd Amendment. Our 2nd Amendment right is our 2nd most important freedom after “Freedom of Speech”.

If you are sick of ineffective, hack politicians and want to restore the Constitution and the Constitution State, I urge you to join me in my cause to Take Back Washington!



Why am I somewhat “anonymous” for now?

Political campaigns should be about issues, not how much money you have or how well-connected you are. Unlike Blumenthal (Liberal Harvard Elitist) and Augie (Wall Street Koch Brother Puppet), I’m just an average guy who has had enough of big Government and decided to take action. I didn’t even graduate college. I’m part of the blue collar, working class of America. I believe these are assets and keep me more in touch with the average middle class American.

I represent the 99% in Connecticut.

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(203) 842-8288


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